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Is it really hard for you to decide whether you should do it or not? Let us help you to make your decision for it. With the help of our Yes or No Wheel tool, you can easily decide whether you should do something or not.

With the help of our tool, you can decide with a single click. We have set up our algorithm, which allows you to get 50-50 chances of getting yes or no.

We have designed a Wheel that allows you to make your decision in a fun way. However, we do not recommend you make a serious decision with this tool.

What is Yes Or No Wheel?

Yes or No wheel is a random decision maker, which allows you to make decisions quicker. There are some decisions which you can not make, and you want to leave on your luck.

With this tool, you can make such type of decision in seconds. This tool is lifetime free for all users. And there is no restriction on the number of spins.

Currently, we have only 1 wheel, which allows you to decide yes or no, but in the future, we are planning to provide multiple options with the customizable Wheel where you can create your options.

How To Use Yes Or No Wheel?

It is very easy to use the yes or no tool. Follow the below steps:

Step 1: First, Visit our website ( and bookmark it on your browser.

Bookmark Website

Step 2: Whenever you are confused about making the decision, visit our website.

Step 3: Click the Spin option available in the Middle of the Yes or No Wheel.

Spin Yes or No Wheel

Step 4: Wait until the Wheel is spinning.

Step 5: Check your answer shown above the Wheel.

With the above simple step, you can easily make your decision now. If you are not happy with your decision, you can spin the Wheel a couple of times and then make your decision.

Many users choose to do best of 3 or best of 5 which gives them more confidence in their decisions as well.


Yes or No wheel is a very simple tool that allows you to make decisions. However, here are some of the features of this tool:

  • With this tool, you can easily make your decision within seconds and save you from overthinking.
  • This tool allows you to spin the Wheel as many times as you want, which is helpful to give you confidence in your decision.
  • With easy-to-use UI and UX, our tool is the best in the market.
  • The colors of the Wheel changes with each visit, which keep your decision-making entertaining.
  • With our simple algorithm, these Wheels give you 50-50 chances to choose both options.

With all the above options, our Yes or No tool is the best tool when it comes to features and usability. And if you are still confused, this guide will help make your decisions.

Why use the Yes Or No Wheel?

The use of the yes or no wheel changes people to people as every person can have different situations. Here we share some examples in which situations you can use this tool:

  • Should I do it, yes or no?
  • Should I try learning a new skill or not?
  • Should I eat healthily?
  • Should I confront my friend or not?
  • Should I say yes or no?
  • Should I start a new hobby or not?
  • Should I buy or not?
  • Should I hire him/her or not?
  • Should I go to work today or not?
  • Should I ask her/him out or not?
  • Should I attend a social event?

These are some scenarios in which you can use our yes or no wheel tool to make your decision. You can use our tool in any situation where you feel like the outcome will depend on my luck.


How do you decide yes or no?

The answer depends on your situation. You can use our yes or no wheel to make decisions that are not that important in your life.

What is the name of the yes or no wheel?

There are multiple yes or no wheel tools available in the market, so there is no specific name for the tool. On our website, you can find the best yes or no wheel, so you can bookmark and visit in the future whenever you feel the need for this tool.

Should I say yes or no?

As always, the answer will be “It depends”. However, for not important decisions, just use or tool to make it simpler for you.

How do you win the spin wheel?

It is very easy to do it on our website. All you have to do is click the Spin button and wait for a few seconds. Once the Wheel stops spinning, you will get your answer.

What is the best way to spin the Wheel?

To get a more accurate result, we recommend you do the best of 3 or the best of 5, as it will give you more confidence in your result.


Sometimes, we overthink decisions that are not that important. Things like Should I eat or not?, should I go out or not? Etc.

To make this decision easy for you, we have designed the Yes or No Wheel. Spin the Wheel and make your decision. If you have any questions regarding this tool, you can contact us from the contact page.